NCAA Bracket Challenges!

If you have ever made a bad financial decision, you may take comfort in the fact that many people are joining you today.

According to the American Gaming Association, this year 40 million Americans will fill out 70 million NCAA tournament brackets and bet $9 billion (with a "B") on the tournament.

The odds of picking a perfect bracket are one in one million-trillion. A math professor at Augsburg College, Michael Weimerskirch, explains that the odds are not ever in your favor: "You're just as likely to win Powerball three consecutive times as you are to picking a perfect bracket by flipping a coin."

Losing a bracket bet may cost you five bucks in your office pool, but making an ill-informed business decision, or failing to make the decision to protect your business, could cost you a lot more.

At WTP we pride ourselves on helping our clients protect their businesses and families. In service of those goals, we counsel our clients to keep them informed of the costs and benefits of financial decisions and indecisions before those costs come due.

If you would like to distinguish yourself from the crowd by making high-percentage, win-win decisions from this point on, we can help you.

Call us and ask about getting a will, incorporating your business, or for a general consultation on liability protection. Leave the crowd behind.