Dealing With Digital Presence After Death

   A court case in Germany last month denied parents the right to their deceased teenager’s Facebook account.  While certainly heartbreaking, it is worth a second look to figure out what could have been done to prevent this from occurring.

   Lawsuits over digital assets are becoming more common in this era where our society as a whole is moving into the cloud. While this brings immense convenience, it may also bring headaches for our loved ones after we pass.  

   People amass digital assets these days.  This can include things such as music, pictures you store online, emails, messages, documents, or a social media account.  The way these accounts are handled when you pass away varies widely.  

   Often these assets are contract-based.  Depending on the type of agreement, it may terminate upon death, or it might be a single user agreement where the rights don’t transfer.  A closer read of the contract or agreement will give you a better idea of what will happen to your account once you pass away.  

   Be sure to contact us if you have any concerns or questions!  We can help you to make sure that clauses are placed in your will to make sure that your family and friends can maximize their access to collect your online content after you pass away. 


You can read more about the German court's decision over at The Guardian.