The Danger Of Using Form Online Wills - Part 1

   Saving money is always appealing, but will it cost you more in the long run?

   Buying a discount Will online will almost certainly cost you less up front, but consider the following reasons why it may cost you much, much more in the long run.

Location Specific Wills

   Every state has different laws regarding how Wills must be executed and what they need to contain. The danger of choosing to have your Will done online is that the program that writes your Will, or the person overseeing that program, may or may not have intricate knowledge of your state’s specific requirements. 

   Webb, Tanner & Powell specializes in Georgia-specific Wills and actively maintains our knowledge library of new laws and regulations that the Georgia legislature enacts. For example, Georgia just changed their Financial Power of Attorney requirements, which you can read about here.


Avoid Headaches on the Back End

   No one wants to leave their loved ones with a complicated, messy estate that leaves financial and familial fallout in its wake. These complications are easily avoided by the application of better strategy on the front end.  It will probably be a bigger investment than it would if you filled out an automatic form online, but you get what you pay for.   Good planning can save years of your loved ones’ time, preserve their relationships, and save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in litigation costs.  

   When the lawyers at WT&P prepare an estate plan, we spend time with you and make sure that your Will is tailored to your exact situation and that your potential problem areas are covered.  Not only do we keep up with new legislation, but we are also active in local probate courts.  We see decisions being made and the obstacles other, less-careful planners consistently run into. WT&P approaches your Will with these issues in mind, with the goal of making this process as seamless as possible without wasting precious time when you need it the most.

   We know what questions to ask clients to determine which strategy will work the best for you to protect your loved ones.

   Call the lawyers at Webb, Tanner & Powell, and make a good investment in your family’s future today.

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