The Danger Of Using Form Online Wills - Part 2

   Saving money is always appealing, but will it cost you more in the long run?

   Buying a discount Will online will almost certainly cost you less up front, but consider the following reasons why it may cost you much, much more in the long run.

Speak to us Face to Face

   We strive to bring you personalized care.

   We will meet you in our office, or on-site, so that we can take time to plan out your Will and determine what your specific needs are. We follow through and provide everything you need to sign and execute your Will without you needing to take multiple return trips. 

   We are the oldest firm in Gwinnett County, and we will always be here to answer any questions you have at any point during the process. 

   After signing day, we are available and ready to make any corrections or amendments that need to be made in the future.  You can bring up any other legal concerns you may have, and we will be happy to point you to the right person who is best able to help. 


Will you need Additional Documents?

   We want to make sure you and your family has every tool needed to take care of you and protect your estate.  There are a few additional documents that will be necessary during your lifetime to do so, such as a Power of Attorney or Health Care Directive.

   We include these documents as a package when we craft Wills and Trusts for our clients.  These documents differ from state to state and are not usually included when you buy a Will online. 

   Do you own your own business?  Then you may need additional documents to help transition your business after you are gone.  This is an excellent example of a series of documents that an online attorney, or robot, might not realize are necessary. 

   We are here to bring you comprehensive and complete support.


Help Available After you are Gone

   We do everything in our power to ensure your loved ones have the easiest time probating your Will, but if they need help, we are here to guide them through that process as well.

   If you choose to have a form Will done online, the robot that wrote your Will will not be available to help your loved ones, or to clean up any potential messes they might have made.  Probating Wills is not a service that you will find through an online only service.  It is a practice area that requires specificity and can even vary from county to county within a state, let alone from different areas of our country. 

   Call the lawyers at Webb, Tanner & Powell, and make a good investment in your family’s future today.

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