Ready Player One? Spielberg Movie Inspires Wills

For immediate release:

The new Steven Spielberg classic, ‘Ready Player One’, has Georgians racing to update their wills.

The movie takes place in a fictional future America where virtual reality has realized its awesome potential. This VR world, named the ‘Oasis’, has become the choice escape for millions of Americans trapped in a real-world global economic depression.

The central conflict arises when Oasis creator James Halliday (played by Mark Rylance) dies, leaving his billions to the first person who can solve a series of riddles and clues he leaves behind. The global race for Halliday's billions ensues.

This dramatic, fictional struggle to solve Halliday's clues and win his fortune has inspired thousands to reevaluate their non-fictional estate plans with an eye to incorporate riddles and puzzles based on popular culture into their wills.

Charles Taylor of Lilburn states, "I put a trust in my Will that requires my friends to perform a series of Fear-Factor-like tests to claim a few thousand bucks. I just bought extra life insurance to cover the difference. Securing my family's future is valuable, but making my friends sweat after I die is priceless."


Christopher Mason of Peachtree Corners came in for an update recently. "I just got my will done for the first time after Trump's 'red button' tweet, but Ready Player One opened my eyes to the virtually limitless possibilities of trusts. Pun intended."

See Ready Player One on March 29, and then ask the friendly attorneys at WT&P about how to best implement the lessons you learned about estate planning.

This story is fictional and intended as a joke. Thousands of people are not yet running to get their wills done as a result of this movie coming out, although it is our opinion that they should be.