For Opening Day - Bobby Cox Was Great.

I miss Bobby Cox.

I miss his shuffling jog out from the dugout. I miss his curses picked up on the TV microphones. I miss his nicknames for his players. I miss the thrill of recognizing a call bad enough to bring Bobby out to scream at the umps.

But most of all, I miss the success the Braves enjoyed under his management.

It's true that a lot of that success in the 1990's and early 2000's included circumstances such as Ted Turner's investment in the team and the best farm system in baseball under John Schuerholz. Though as in everything great management can – and often does - make the difference between champions and under-achievers.

Bobby Cox

Bobby Cox

In honor of our national pastime returning, I thought it fitting to draw a comparison of management styles between Webb, Tanner & Powell and Bobby Cox.

Just like Bobby, we try to look at the big picture. As a "player's manager", Bobby would famously leave pitchers out on the mound longer than many other managers would in a game. The aim was to improve their confidence and let them work out tough situations on their own. This strategy led to a stronger team in the long run.

WT&Ps aim is to build a plan for clients that will be stronger in the long run by addressing all of the wrinkles. Those wrinkles often include complicated family dynamics, non-estate assets such as IRAs, 401ks and other pre-tax accounts, and business interests. We address all of these issues for every one of our clients as part of our comprehensive estate plan process. Leaving any of those out weakens the whole approach; and honestly, we’ve never worried about our pitch count.

Just like Bobby, we build relationships with our clients. We tell our referrals that we don't advertise very much, because we don't need to. We take care of our clients so that they will confidently refer their friends and family who need legal help. We don't ordinarily give our clients new nicknames like Bobby did, though if you want a nickname we will get you a nickname.

Just like Bobby, we get upset when our people aren't treated fairly. We handle estate planning, probate administration, and litigation when necessary.

So unlike many firms who deal with one of their client's needs, but not another, we pride ourselves on being the go-to firm for all of our clients' needs.

Finally, just like the great Bobby Cox, we will fight for you until we win. Even if we get thrown out of the game, you can be sure you’ll hear us all the way down to the clubhouse.