It's Just Business! Georgia Legislature Votes to Create Business Court.

   The Georgia House and Senate have passed a bill creating a new trial court to handle business disputes exclusively.

   Georgia House Representative Chuck Efstration, out of the 104th District in Dacula, sponsored the bill. We congratulate Representative Efstration on addressing a statewide need for specialization in the area of business disputes. This newly formed Business court is intended to fill an experience gap in the current Georgia judicial system. 


   As of today, many elected or appointed judges lack prior business-specific experience. Like doctors, lawyers often specialize in certain fields of practice. Specialization in practice is helpful for clients looking for a lawyer with a depth of relevant experience in a certain area, but can be a handicap when the same specialized lawyer becomes a judge.


   Here at the firm, we represent many business owners, sometimes with complicated disputes with their business partners, investors, and third parties. Today, we take the risk that, if a case arising from a business dispute goes to trial, we may end up with a judge who only has civil experience through their time as a lawyer.

   Imagine trying to explain how the internet works in 2018 to a person on the street in 1992. The look that person would give you is the look we sometimes get from judges with no prior experience in the field of our dispute. This new Business court will lend itself to judges who have that area as their specialty, saving us all the 1992-era confused looks over how Netflix streams video to your phone.

   Georgia’s six existing trial courts include Superior, Probate, State, Magistrate, Municipal, and Juvenile courts.

   If you or someone you know has a business-related dispute, or has an interest in planning to avoid such a dispute, call us at 770-962-0100. Our experienced business lawyers and litigators will help you identify and resolve those problems as quickly as possible.